Sunday, August 1, 2010

there's something about watching

a great movie.
there is something that just takes you in and never stops and you go, go, go...
been watching alota shit on netflix lately.
buncha crap with bleached-out women and buffed-out men.
sporting assault weapons,
and navigating a half-assed script.
not that i'm any better.
but i'd like to think so.

so i watched "The Exorcist."
Friedkin and Blatty.
man, even @ 10am on a SUN, it still put the fear in me.
light outside.
Ellroy on my lap gnawing on his butt.
busting doggy ass.
the mestizos mowing the lawn.
and i gotta admit, i was a little scared.

we burned the ouija board a couple weeks ago.
huff and i.
he wanted to.
i obliged.
swore he saw the flames shoot from below.
i dunno.
just burned to me.
caused a stink.
but we burned the quija board.
$20 down the drain.
Tina bought it, eons ago.
anyways, no more quija board.
just a Spanish-language monopoly.
-- an accident.

Ellroy's having a nightmare right now.
growling and twitching in his sleep.
face taught.
tail wagging.
some whimpers.
think i'll wake him up.
nightmares are no good.
no good at all for a little pup