Tuesday, July 6, 2010

when the Lakers won

i was in the emergency room and my leg was bleeding real bad.
my buddy Andy was in the waiting room.
he came along -- made sure i didn't pass out on the drive.
so i limped into the Long Beach VA, my leg bleeding real bad, and asked for help.
took them a couple minutes to digest the scene.
guess they didn't get these cases often.
and this lady says, " hey Doni, look, these are the guys we got fighting for our freedom...shit."
of course, i was a little offended, especially being in a VA.
so i told the lady "why don't you just do your fucking job, huh?"
and she did. sneering.
didn't blame her. she was having a bad day.
me too.
so that was that and i was rolled into a room where a black guy was drinking pepto.
had some gastrointestinal thing going on.
we talked about the Lakers.
don't remember what exactly -- i mighta been in shock to a certain extent.
nevertheless we talked Kobe and Lamar.
hell to boston.
but the black guy felt better and he left me on the gurney.
-- my leg bleeding real bad.
the VA Cops came. talked to me.
they looked @ the wound, kinda amazed i wasn't screaming or something.
"you're a Marine, right?"
"yeah," i said.
and that little admission seemed to rectify the entire situation.
told em my story. think i embellished a bit.
but i mighta been in shock.
and i'd like to think i helped further the Marine Corps myth that night.
lying there in the ER, my leg bleeding real bad.
relatively composed.
one Cop; this young kid, asked to take a picture w/his phone.
we did.
and he left.
shortly thereafter this old old guy was rolled in.
drunk as a skunk.
think they gave him a sedative and he calmed down good.
turned to me.
we spoke shortly.
told me he was a Vietnam Vet.
this guy; the drunk.
one of those typical Vietnam Vet horror stories.
got wounded. got sent home. got addicted to VA meds.
got crazy.
and now it's about 3am and this guy and i are debating whether Mr. Roger's was a Jarhead.

maybe an hour passed, and the lady from before came in.
said i was good to go.
she apologized for earlier -- as did i.
these things happen...
and i left soon after.
my leg a little swollen.
my eyes very tired.